Sunday, 7 February 2010

This is a Guy!

Okay, so this doesn't have much to do with writing, but I just wanted to write about it.

Anyone heard of the band Tokio Hotel? Yes? No? Either way, I found -- even though it wasn't lost -- this band on youtube. The singer looks AND sounds like a girl. When I first watched this video, I was so enchanted by 'her'. 'She' became my new inspiration -- I'm even getting prickles running down my spin writing this -- 'she' was going to be my new main character. Together we were going to create a beautiful piece of art. We were going to storm the LGBT world together. We were going to-- to--

But then I scrolled down and read a comment saying that the singer's name is Bill.

... Wait a second... Bill isn't a girls' name...

How disappointed I was when I realized that this chick was a dude. But in my defense, he looks AND sounds like a friggin' girl! It has to be illegal for a guy to look so feminine and sexy.

Aw, hell. Who says he has to be a guy in my mind? So, I'm sorry, Bill, but I will continue my deluded fantasy that you're a girl, and you WILL be my inspiration next time I write a lesbian YA novel. But for now, you'll have to wait, because I'm writing a gay YA which has GUYS in. And, my pretty, you're not male. But, you do have a twin brother who looks like a guy, perhaps I could use him in Camp Queen?

Man, that isn't supposed to sound so creepy.

Bill when he was 15. Wasn't he-- she just a little cutie? (The Japanese version was the only one I could embed. The chorus is in German, though.)


  1. Maybe it's just the amount of effeminate guys I've been exposed to or write about or the amount of anime I've watched ;-) but I totally saw that singer as a guy, lol. But I see how you could be confused, and he'd make a cute girl too. (Either way, he's totally my type)

  2. I totally thought he was a girl too, when I saw him on MTV. Imagine my shock when they started calling him 'bill'.

  3. Sage: he'd totally be my type, too... if it was a chick. Lol.

    GP: I'm glad I'm not the only one!