Sunday, 7 February 2010

What am I working on Now?

Since I’ve finished Mr. In-The-Closet and have it with 5 literary agents, I decided to start plotting a new novel. At first I wanted to write a futuristic dystopian. I plotted the whole thing, and I really did love this plot. It had action, forbidden love, an underlying moral, etc, etc. BUT, I had no drive to write this piece. There was no spark between us. I didn’t want to commit myself to this relationship, because, well, I knew it wouldn’t last. Now, I have serious commitment issues, and I know this, so I don’t get into a long-term relationship unless I know I’m going to stick it through until the end. However, I did test the water before deciding to jump into the deep end -- My toe went in, and it was WAY too cold.

So I began to think of other ideas. What should I write next? I kept coming up with YA LGBT plots, but I’d already written one, and it was already with agents. And finally, after beating myself around the head repeatedly to find a new plot which wasn’t LGBT, some guy had a conversation with some other people within the walls of my mind.

I was sitting in my college’s computer room, doing research for a psychology project, when these pieces of dialogue recited.

MC: “Wait a minute, you’re a chick?”

Character 1 -- Girl: “Biologically, yes.”

MC: “Then why are you in here? This is a guy’s cabin.”

Character 2 -- guy: “They must’ve thought she was a guy, sweetheart.”

MC turns to Character 2 and sees him for the first time: “What the fuck are you supposed to be?”

Character 2 -- guy: “I’m a Transvestite.”

Character 3 -- guy -- raises his hand: “Gay.”

MC turns to the last character within the cabin: “And what about you? What the hell are you?”

Character 4 -- guy: “Lesbian.”

MC nods slowly: “Of course…”

And thus, Camp Queen was born. I haven’t come up with a synopsis yet, but I outlined the whole plot within one afternoon, and I can’t wait to start! It’s only going to be 50 - 55K words long, so it shouldn’t take me longer than two months to finish a first draft. But, the next step, I think, should be naming my babies.

(And just so you know: The girl has gender dysphoria and there is such a thing as a male lesbian. I studied Gender in Psychology last term, and we learned all about different sexualities.)

Until next time.


  1. That sounds bloody fantastic.

    You know you have a loyal beta within me <3



  2. Lol.

    Thanks, the dialogue probably won't go like that in the actual manuscript, but it's a start. And thanks again, you'll be the first person I ask when I've finished. :D.