Thursday, 4 March 2010

Teaser Thursday

Since my Teaser Tuesday is late, I’ll do a Teaser Thursday!

Warning: This is a first draft and may not even make it past the first round of edits, so don’t be too critical.

From Camp Queen

I dumped my last bag in the back of my red Chevrolet Aveo and slammed the car boot’s door shut. It was typical that I was leaving on the same day Trevor was having a party at his parents’ beach house. I sighed, thinking about all the drink and chicks I was missing out on. The little demon Adam on my shoulder was beginning to think that grassing on Trevor and John wasn’t such a bad thing. At least I’d have had them to keep me company at this damn camp. I’d pick beer and babes over little, snotty kids any day.

“Is that everything?” Susie asked, sucking on the straw in her slushy. The frozen cherry liquid moved up the clear plastic and entered her mouth.

I leaned on my car and stuff my hands in my pant’s pocket to pull the keys out. “Yeah, that’s everything.”

She nodded, passing the slushy to Sam. I wasn’t lying when I said that boy was at our house most the time. I didn’t think he’d even gone home since school finished for summer vacation two days ago.

“Now, we’ve been through the rules, right?” I asked, giving a sceptical look to the both of them.

The two nodded in unison and recited the rules which I’d stuck to the fridge with a magnet. “No parties. No alcohol. No staying up all night. And no making the house a mess.”

I gave a pointed look at Sam. “And?”

He rolled eyes. “No guys around.”

“That means you, too, Susie.”

She raised a hand to her head in mock-salute. “Yes, captain buzz-kill.”

I pushed myself off the car and circled it to open the driver’s door. “I know you’re going to break every rule on that list just to spite me.” They grinned. “So I took the liberty of asking our neighbours to check up on you when you least expect it.” Their grins turned upside-down. “I knew that would please you.” I flicked a hand in a little wave. “Catch you in two weeks.”

Just a small one this week.

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  1. Okay, maybe I'm hungry, but your description of the slushy had me wanting one. Great post, thanks for the tease.